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The moment we all have been waiting for: an iPhone App Find Fruit is now available for download at iTunes!

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Check out this interesting story in The Bold Italic about what it means to be Freegan in San Francisco. Neighborhood Fruit is one of the destination on the list.

Full story: Free Falling

Remember our conversation regarding the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)? Back in March, Neighborhood Fruit partnered with the San Francisco Beekeepers Association and agreed to host one of their hives outside of the office in the sunny Mission District neighborhood. For months, the bees were working hard collecting pollen and making honey. Besides one little bee sting accident, there were no issues reported. The bees seemed to be happy.

Within 7 months, the bees generated somewhere between 30 to 40 pounds of honey!

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack launched a new initiative called "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food." The intention is to starting a national conversation about where the food comes from, as well as creating a new economic opportunities by better connecting consumers with local producers.

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