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Wenatchee celebrates its annual Apple Blossom Festival April 22 – May 2. www.appleblossom.org

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by Janelle Orsi
What do you call a lawyer who helps people share, cooperate, barter, foster local economies, and build sustainable communities?

That sounds like the beginning of a lawyer joke, but actually, it’s the beginning of new field of law practice. Very soon, every community will need a specialist in this yet-to-be-named area: Community transactional law? Sustainable economies law? Cooperation law?

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The 2010 Light Brown Apple Moth Quarantine Maps are now available. Please take a moment to look at them, so that you can avoid spreading this terrible pest (not to mention breaking the law!).

If you're wondering what the heck a "Light Brown Apple Moth" is, or want to know about other agricultural quarantines in the State of California, please visit the CA.gov website.

Bartering saves money, keeps food local (and seasonal), and allows you to meet neighbors and build community. Here are some of the ways people are trading food, what they’re sharing, and advice about getting involved without getting in trouble (bartering is considered taxable by the IRS, and you don’t want to violate agricultural laws or quarantines that might be in effect in your area).

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Our friends over at Forage SF are holding another one of their Underground Markets:
Friday, April 16th, from 5-11pm

The location is still to be decided, but they're looking at a couple of BIG spaces, so hopefully the lines will be shorter this time.

In order to enter the market, they're going to ask everyone to sign up for a free membership to the SF Underground Market. Don't worry, it's just a formality.

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