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The Loma Prieta Earthquake knocked down one of the freeways that cut San Francisco in half during my childhood.

This week, more 21 years after the earthquake, the old freeway off ramp lot is getting repurposed as a short term urban farm (the developer who it had been leased to is waiting for the economy to revive before turning the lot into housing).

Here is the article from the SFStreetsBlog (great photos!).

Advocates envision free fruit and nuts for Madison Park
Talk with advocates of the newest tree-loving initiative in the city, and the mind conjures visions of Madison as a latter-day Eden dotted with trees heavy with fruit, ripe for the picking.

Join Canopy and Master Arborist Dave Muffly to learn techniques for revitalizing old fruit trees which have suffered from neglect or poor pruning.

When: February 13, 1PM - 4PM
Cost: $25. Enrollment limited.
Contact sharon@canopy.org to sign up or mail check to 3921 East Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303. They will send you directions and details.

Instructables and Neighborhood Fruit are happy to announce the winners of the Homemade Holidays Food Contest!

Presenting the Urban Forest Project preview event at the Bayview Opera House!

The Urban Forest Project will plant banners by designers, artists and students from San Francisco on light poles throughout the city in the Spring of 2010. Each banner will use the form or metaphor for the tree to make a powerful visual statement about the environment. Together they’ll create a forest of thoughtful images in the urban landscape and raise awareness of the importance of trees in the city and in our lives.

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