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American Gothic - fruit style!

We shot a segment for the local news about Neighborhood Fruit with some some of our favorite people! We had so much fun that we thought we'd share some photos! THe spot is supposed to air in the next week - we'll keep you posted!

We recently received a gift of 17 vintage aprons from the 1940's-60's, and we think they're pretty cool, so we have photographed them. We will be making downloadable patterns of them, so that you can make one for yourself at home, so keep checking back for the patterns!

feisty grandma apron Feisty Grandma Apron: cute, fancy see through dress apron with two floral oilcloth pockets!
Neighborhood Fruit is pleased to announce that we finally have branded shwag for you to enjoy: apparel, tote bags, water bottles and more! Just think! Now you can impress your friends with your cool new Fruit Monster threads! Or even better, give that hottie a Neighborhood Fruit reusable water bottle as a token of your undying affection!
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