How Does It Work?

Register My Tree
Fruit Growers start by registering their fruit bearing tree. When the fruit is ready to share, My Tree information is available in a user's profile.

Share My Fruit
Fruit Growers use the Share My Fruit form to notify the community when their fruit is ready. When submitted, fruit information appears on a map; location is approximated to protect privacy.

Find Fruit
Fruit Seekers select desired fruit from the map and click "Connect me with this Fruit Grower".

Fruit Seekers and Growers are connected via email, which lists their preferred contact method.

Fruit Seeker reaches out to Fruit Grower to arrange for pick up.

Pick Up
At the time and location established, the Fruit Seeker and Grower meet.

Who Picks?
Some Fruit Growers prefer to pick their own fruit; others would rather let others do it. Neighborhood Fruit provides the Fruit Growers and Seekers with a Liability Release Form, to protect Fruit Growers from the liability of allowing Fruit Seekers to pick their fruit.

Wanna Help?

Please spread the word. A million thank yous!

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Getting Around