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Last summer, we introduced you to our buddies Paul Hamilton and Aurora Wilson of Greenhearts Family Farm. Paul has been thinking alot about oil, because of the crisis in the Gulf, and had this to share.
Aurura and PaulWell, of course, I’m as depressed as everyone else about this catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. I share everyone's frustration with multin-national corporations, but part of the blame for that environmental catastrophe rests squarely on my shoulders.

Greenhearts Family Farm has reduced the carbon cost of ploughing our fields in half by using a method called "strip tilling" whereby we cultivate the planting bed, leaving the furrow to native grass. The carbon in the furrow remains sequestered, and we use no fuel in the tractor to dig it up. We simply mow the furrow and use use the mulch in various beneficial ways. Mowing can be done electrically, and therefore powered sustainably.

We do end up using our backs more when we get off the tractor, but that's what small scale sustainable family farms are all about. A closer relationship with the land, and a more sensitive, sensible and sustainable approach to growing food and feeding people. That's why I love Neighborhood Fruit. It takes the gas out of feeding one another. It means sharing... our food, our water, our land, our air, our earth.


Greenhearts Family Farm CSA is an organic, pasture-based delivery service of farm fresh local heirloom fruit, vegetables, beef, pork chicken and eggs in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are part of a growing trend of organic farmers re-establishing close ties between the community and the the farmers through the food. If you are in the Bay Area and need a "veggie box", consider joing Greenhearts at the farmer's table!

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